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Preserving Our City of Homes.

Protecting Bellaire's Integrity.

The City of Homes Ideology

We must resist the temptation to grow the top line by advancing initiatives that break faith with the City of Homes ideal that our longstanding citizens have preserved for us.  Whether one lives in the heart of Bellaire, or elsewhere in the City, we must all agree that even citizens living on the perimeter deserve equal protection of their right to their residential quality of life.


We should not be surprised when entrepreneurially minded individuals seek to acquire residential property with intent to profit from conversion to commercial uses. That is why 
we must elect and appoint vigilant city officials who can categorically commit to protecting rights of residential property owners.  It must be a litmus test.  Recent challenges to our City of Homes ideology include contemplation of:

  • 4301 Bellaire:  We must not set a precedent that residential property can be converted to commercial use simply because it maximizes profit.

  • 4300 Bellaire: We must not compromise the quality of life of even one resident, by forming agreements with non-Bellaire entities to get a “better deal” for facilities at their expense.

Every Citizen Deserves Equal Protection

As a threshold matter, elected officials must ask:

  • "Would this action compromise the quality of life of the average Bellaire citizen?"

  • "Is this action contrary to the ideal of the City of Homes?"

  • "Would the average Bellaire citizen want residential property converted for these commercial uses in their proximate area?"

If the answer to any of these is “no,” then we must act to defend the City of Homes.