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My Values

Learn How Javier Vega Will Serve Bellaire

My core values make me who I am, and I don’t betray them for anything or anyone.

There have been times in my life when they were all I had left, and times in my life when I thanked God that they carried my family and I through hard times to find blessings and success.   


There are issues in our city that have driven me to run, but my core values give me confidence that I can deliver. 


As it relates to Bellaire’s city government, these are my values:  Common Sense, Accountability, Financial Responsibility, Respect for Neighbors and Community, and above all, Egalitarianism.

How I will serve Bellaire

Common Sense

Make decisions your 5th grader would find fair. We are all born with an innate sense of fairness. Throughout my life, whether in business, legal, civic, or regulatory matters, I have never come across a situation where the right thing to do wasn't readily apparent. Down inside we all know that's a near universal truth. Sometimes its hard to do the right thing, because its unpopular. That’s when you get an opportunity to show your commitment to what is right. The process by which we arrive at decisions gets refined with experience, but that innate sense of fairness is best when it survives intact as it existed when we were 5th graders.


The tension of holding people accountable can sometimes be uncomfortable. But deep down we all know that throughout our lives we have learned and grown the most under circumstances where we knew we were being held to the highest possible standard. My greatest mentors were the most demanding people I ever worked for; people who demanded that I be the best I can be all the time, or simply don't show up. Holding ourselves and each other accountable brings the best out in all of us, and it will bring out the best in our city’s elected, appointed and staff personnel. I am confident our fine city staff is up to the challenge.

Financial Responsibility

An entity works best when those chosen to make financial decisions have a background that allows them to understand finance. It also works best when the people with the authority to spend, understand that they are there for their constituency, not the other way around. With $110,000,000 of debt in Bellaire, the table has been set. To use a colloquial term, "It is what it is" at this point. Time to roll up our sleeves and fix it. It will take individuals experienced in finance and management to find the efficiencies to accelerate debt reduction while holding the line on taxes. There is no distinction in wanting to address financial issues; everyone wants that. The distinction is in the experience and proven ability to do it.


An egalitarian community exists when those in power work to makes sure that everyone is treated equally, and go out of their way to ensure they set the example by holding themselves to that equality standard. In the military, those in command only utilize the resources at their disposal to meet their own needs after those in their care have been taken care of. That’s just how I was taught to think. I believe that regardless of where each of us lives in our city, we all have the right to expect a fair distribution of resources, whether you live a few blocks from city hall, or in the far reaches of the city.

Respect for Our Neighbors

The rules we choose to live by as citizens codify the grand bargain we have with eachother. They are an outward manifestation of a respect we should all feel inside for our fellow residents. When people flout the rules or use social pressure to coerce a neighbor into not insisting rules be followed, they demonstrate disrespect for their neighbors. Elected officials are responsible for ensuring staff understand that they are the keepers of the grand bargain that exists between all of us as Bellaire residents. Whether it’s the city allowing dangerous ongoing conditions on a property to exist, or having a policy of actively endorsing real estate investors’ rights to operate AirBnB type properties in the middle or residential neighborhoods; these inconsiderate activities need to be stopped.