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How I Think.

Javier Vega's Approach for Bellaire

The U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis taught me to seek hope in everyone I meet.  The business world taught me to temper my sense of hope with a sense of caution.  I am passionate, I am duty bound, and I am a pragmatist.

In my personal life, I dream of a beautiful world for my wife and children, but when executing my fiduciaries I protect my beneficiaries by vigilantly recognizing the real world that we live in.

I’m proud of my strong quantitative and technical skills, but those capabilities merely set a solid base for developing financial skills, a vested participant’s knowledge of legal contracting and proceedings, and learned and innate general management skills.

My core values are Common Sense, Accountability, Financial Responsibility, Respect for Neighbors and Community, and above all, Egalitarianism.

My efficient style in a board setting comes from observing my mentors:


  • Say what you need to say plainly and quickly, then pass the mic.

  • You learn more from listening than from talking, don’t speak unless you actually need to.

  • Show respect for other people’s time by making sure every word you say actually means something.

  • Making compact arguments shows you know your subject matter.