Fix Flooding.

Apply Solutions - Not Bandaids.

I have passionately photographed, documented, and studied Brays Bayou flooding for 20 years.  Having lived mere steps from the Brays Bayou since 2001, before moving to Lafayette Street in the southernmost part of of Bellaire's Southdale in 2013, I have lived each flooding and high water event from a front row seat.  Each event has helped me understand and appreciate the flood potential and its effects on our homes and lives.

A daily swim at Evergreen pool is essential to my life and in 2017 I made several rescue swims that were far more essential.

Despite very recent opinions to the contrary, my experiences tell me that Bellaire can act within its borders to improve its internal flooding situation and must continue to focus on it.  I believe there are some specific low-cost, high-impact steps we can take to reduce risk to our most acutely low-lying citizen's homes.

I believe we need to institutionalize the process of gathering more data about real-time events as flooding occurs, to supplement the studies we have commissioned that deal with the actual events in abstraction.  

I am passionate about fixing flooding in our city.  I seek to bring my quantitative and analytical skills to bear, and I need your vote to help me do it.

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